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Is she pregnant?

An unplanned pregnancy affects everyone involved, including men. If she thinks she might be pregnant, the first step is to confirm the pregnancy with a lab-quality pregnancy test and an ultrasound. We offer both of these services at absolutely no cost.

What should I do?

Once you confirm the pregnancy, take some time to process. An unplanned pregnancy can be a lot to handle at first, and the two of you should wait to consider your options until after you’ve paused for a moment to take it in. Right now, the most important thing you can do is be a source of support. You’re both experiencing the same anxieties, fears and uncertainties. It’s incredibly important that you both are honest and open about how you’re feeling and what you’re thinking so that the decision made supports each of you.

Am I ready to be a father?

The fact that you’re even wondering what fatherhood would be like is an important step because it shows that you’re taking the situation seriously. The thought of being a father might seem overwhelming, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t ready. Even those who have planned their pregnancies ask themselves similar questions. We are proud to offer parenting classes to help you realize your parenting potential if that is the option you choose. If you want to understand how you could be a good father and what that looks like, contact LifeClinic today.

Is there someone I can talk to?

LifeClinic serves both women and men experiencing pregnancy. If you’d like to sit down and talk to someone about what your role is, how you can best help your partner, or anything else, we’re here to give you the resources you need to take those next steps.

LifeClinic offers support services to men who have been affected by pregnancy. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support you.