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We Serve Students

Students struggle with unique issues when facing an unexpected pregnancy. You might be wondering whether or not you’ll be able to finish school, and you’re probably worried about telling your friends and family. LifeClinic has a number of resources regarding pregnancy support, sexual health, and parenting services to give you what you need to make the best possible decision for yourself and your future.

No-Cost Care

Whether you just discovered you’re pregnant or don’t know for sure, LifeClinic has a number of no-cost services to help you through each step. We offer pregnancy testing free of charge, as well as ultrasound procedures and options counseling sessions to help you discover the best option possible. We’ll help encourage you, so you can realize the strength you already have to choose what’s right for you.

Confidential Services Designed for You

Every appointment at LifeClinic is held in strict confidentiality – even if you’re a minor. Our job is not to tell your family and friends before you’re ready. We simply want to make sure you’re healthy and taken care of, both physically and mentally. At LifeClinic, we’re here to serve you through every step of the decision-making process.

Schedule an Appointment

We’re here to offer free and confidential care to every student who walks through our doors. If you’re interested in any of the services LifeClinic has to offer, schedule your appointment with us today.