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Eliminating Barriers.

LifeClinic is a faith-driven organization eliminating barriers by offering physical, emotional, and spiritual support to our community. We collaborate with more than 200 different agencies, doctors, and churches to support our clients.

Restoring Hope.

LifeClinic is a place of hope. When clients walk through the doors, stories of life-change are written, and hope is restored.

Our work offers physical, emotional, and spiritual support to our community. Last year, LifeClinic:

Since 1987, we’ve served more than 200,000 individuals and counting with life-changing results. A recent client survey showed:

Empowering Choices for Life.

LifeClinic recognizes the great need to reach men and women with support, care, and education. We work to eliminate barriers that stand in the way of women making hopeful, empowered choices for life.

The CDC reports that nearly 50% of pregnancies are unplanned. We help those facing unplanned pregnancies tackle the obstacles that cause them to believe abortion is their only option.

As we look to the future, we desire to serve more clients with unplanned pregnancies: empowering choices for life and supporting them with continued education, supplies, and resources.

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We are fully funded by the generosity of individuals, churches, and foundations and accept no government funding.

LifeClinic is a trusted resource in the community where people of all races, faiths, and backgrounds are served with the love of Christ. LifeClinic is uniquely positioned to provide local families with pregnancy care and support, sexual health care, and investment in the physical, emotional, and mental health of families.

As we look to the next five years and beyond, we desire to continue eliminating barriers, restoring hope, and empowering choices for life in our community.

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