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Parenting Services

LifeClinic offers resources to support you as you become the best parent you can be. Resources include parenting classes, baby supplies, and connection to other community organizations. Most importantly, parenting services are offered at no charge, so you can participate no matter your financial circumstances. Trained Client Advocates walk beside you from the moment you learn you’re expecting through your early years of parenting.

Parenting Classes

The idea of parenting can be scary, both for planned pregnancies, as well as for those facing unexpected pregnancy. Our parenting classes give you a solid grasp of what to expect at every stage. For example, you may learn how to prepare for your baby’s delivery. Find extra support as you navigate the first few months with a newborn. Become an expert at infant safety and getting baby to sleep. Demystify the toddler years. Whether you’re a mom, dad, or legal guardian, you choose topics that matter to you. Learn more about our parenting classes and other pregnancy support services.

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LifeClinic offers a number of additional resources to women and men who need extra assistance or referrals. We listen to your concerns and will connect you to the right people and programs to get you what you need. Call today to learn more about the resources available to you.

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For Men

An unplanned pregnancy affects everyone involved, including men. LifeClinic offers support and education to help you better understand your role and how you can and should be involved in the decision-making process. Additionally, men are welcome and encouraged to take parenting classes designed to answer your specific questions and concerns.

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LifeClinic provides no-cost and confidential parenting services for expecting parents, current parents, and legal guardians. Contact us today to schedule your first introductory appointment.