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Hope for Survivors

LifeClinic’s Trauma Support program supports survivors of sexual trauma as they build resilience to overcome their past and thrive in their future. Our LifeGuides provide one-on-one mentorship and resources, bridge community connections, and provide Christ-centered support.

What is Trauma Support?

Trauma Support links arms with survivors of sexual trauma as they work to overcome the wounds of their past. Each survivor is offered individualized resources to promote resilience and emotional and spiritual strength.

Focus on Resilience

We believe the care you receive on your journey of healing should be as unique as you are. Our LifeGuides will listen to your struggles and encourage you as you take each step towards a stronger, healthier you. Rather than focus on your past, your LifeGuide will help you build coping and resilience skills you can use today. LifeGuides will also connect you with other community resources as needed. Please contact LifeClinic to schedule your appointment for a one-on-one consultation.

Sexual Trauma Educational Trainings

LifeClinic also serves our community by offering training to the public on sex trafficking, pornography, and sexual assault. We believe education is the first step to community and culture change. Additionally, LifeClinic proudly offers the Stewards of Children© Sexual Abuse Prevention Program developed by Darkness to Light. We recommend all parents, Sunday school teachers, Christian school leadership and daycare staff complete this training. Learn more or request a training session by contacting LifeClinic today.

We passionately support of survivors of sexual trauma. If you’ve been affected by sexual abuse, assault, or sex trafficking, your life has beauty and there is hope for healing. Contact LifeClinic for more information about Trauma Support and how it can be an effective resource for you.