Space for Healing

Oftentimes, both women and men alike feel as though they were not prepared for the negative emotional side effects of abortion. Abortion is a medical procedure, and because it is, sometimes it’s only spoken of in a medical way. LifeClinic recognizes the emotional health risks of abortion, and we offer support to those who are experiencing these to help them discover healing.

What are the potential emotional health risks of abortion?

Even if there is an initial feeling of relief following an abortion, a wide range of emotional effects have been known to occur anywhere from months to years following the procedure. These include mild to severe grief, anger, and shame, and can progress to anxiety, depression, eating disorders, alcoholism, and more.

What is Post-Abortion Support?

Women and men can feel as though they don’t have a place or a group where they can disclose their abortion experiences without judgment. Post-Abortion Support exists to be that space where you will be listened to and understood. We hope that by offering this program we can help those who have been affected by abortion find the freedom and healing to move forward.

Who can participate?

If you yourself have had an abortion or if you have been otherwise affected by abortion, the Post-Abortion Support program is here for you. This program is free of charge and held in the strictest confidentiality so that you can find the healing you deserve without worry or fear. Abortion affects people in different ways, and we are here to do what we can to help you through your healing journey.

LifeClinic is here to support both men and women who have been affected by a past abortion. If you are interested in joining the Post-Abortion Support program, contact us to learn when the next class meets.