Supporting Survivors

At LifeClinic, we offer support services for those who have experienced traumatic circumstances or situations. We’re focused on the whole person, offering both physical and mental health resources to those who need them. All of our trauma-related services are completely free of charge and held in strict confidentiality, so no one will find out if you don’t want them to.

Trauma Support

LifeClinic is proud to offer trauma support for survivors of sexual assault, abuse, and sex trafficking. These are all traumatic circumstances that often require outside support throughout the restoration and recovery processes. If you’re a survivor looking for support, we are here to listen, lift you up, and encourage you on your road to healing. We encourage you to reach out and participate in this program without shame or fear.

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Post-Abortion Support

Many women and men feel as though they were not fully prepared for the emotional side effects of abortion. These effects include guilt, shame, anger, depression and anxiety. If you’ve experienced an abortion in the past, whether recently or many years ago, and are feeling overwhelmed by negative emotions, this support program is for you. Post-abortion support at LifeClinic offers a space where you can find rest, healing, and freedom.

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Community Awareness

LifeClinic is committed to serving our community by offering educational opportunities to the public on pornography, sexual assault, childhood sexual abuse, and sex trafficking. Educational events can be customized for specific groups including local service providers. We believe education is the first step to community and culture change. While sexual trauma and trafficking are often talked about today, there is still a long way to go in educating those who can make a difference in the lives of at-risk individuals. To request an education session at no cost to you, contact LifeClinic today.

Prevention Training

We believe many physical, mental, and spiritual difficulties survivors face as adults can be avoided by focusing on the prevention of the sexual abuse of children. By shifting the conversation away from what children can do to keep their bodies safe to what adults can do to keep children safe, we can take the steps necessary to prevent abuse and also recognize it and react responsibly when abuse does occur.

LifeClinic is proud to offer the Stewards of Children© Sexual Abuse Prevention Program developed by the organization Darkness to Light. We provide resources to promote and plan for your training and our staff will come to your location to facilitate this training. There is a slight per-person cost for this service. To learn more information or to schedule a training, contact LifeClinic today.

You are Welcome Here

Trauma support services at LifeClinic are completely free of charge and held in strict confidentiality. You are always welcome, no matter what you’ve experienced, to come in and get the encouragement and support you need. There is no shame in receiving mental health services, assistance, or healing.

If you’re interested in joining one of our trauma programs, we encourage you to reach out. Contact LifeClinic today to learn more about the programs, when they begin, and how you can get started down the path to healing.