LifeClinic Family Tree | LifeClinic Community Resources

At LifeCinic, we believe in changing lives both now and in the generations to come. That is why we provide the highest quality care in our medical, parenting education, and trauma support services. By supporting the work of LifeClinic, you are saving lives and allowing families to heal and thrive.

We want to celebrate you—people who value life and make life-affirming work part of their legacy—by displaying these beautiful LifeClinic Family Trees in our centers to honor your commitment to life.

Each gift of $300 reserves one leaf on which a personal message will be etched as part of a permanent display at one of our clinic locations. This $300 is an investment in making sure LifeClinic’s life-saving work remains a part of our community now and for generations to come.

Upon the tree’s completion, you will be invited to a special unveiling event at the location of your choosing.

Celebrate the birth of a new child or a milestone anniversary by dedicating a leaf in your loved one’s honor. Remember a parent, a favorite teacher, or an unborn child by etching their name into a physical symbol of your love for them and the impact they left on your life.

Each leaf engraving may be up to 3 lines of 20 characters and spaces. The message is yours to choose. The legacy is all of ours to cherish. Contact us today to purchase and personalize a leaf on our Family Tree.